Beauty Oil Sampler Set

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Three roller balls: (1) Soothe, (1) Nourish and (1) Rejuve

SUGGESTED USE: After cleansing face, apply a few drops to fingertips and gently massage onto face.

for all skin types

Use daily as a lightweight moisturizer to help skin feel soft.

BENEFITS: Rich in antioxidants, Macadamia nut oil is extremely nourishing for the skin, helping to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. This lightweight moisturizing oil absorbs quickly without feeling greasy. It is soothing and calming to the skin.

INGREDIENTS: Macadamia nut oil

.3 FL OZ (10mL)

for dry skin

Use Nourish beauty oil for dry skin as your daily moisturizer.

BENEFITS: This beauty oil feels luxurious, easily absorbs and leaves the skin feeling velvety smooth. Macadamia nut oil moisturizes and smooths dry skin; Kukui oil protects skin from environmental stressors; Coconut oil, a rich superfood for the skin, softens and rehydrates.

INGREDIENTS: Macadamia nut oil, kukui nut oil, coconut oil

.3 FL OZ (10mL)

for maturing skin

Use daily to deeply moisturize and rejuvenate skin.

BENEFITS: Nourishing Macadamia nut oil is blended with Avocado oil (an intense moisturizer) and Green Coffee oil (antioxidant-rich; brightens skin and reduces appearance of redness). This luxurious beauty oil improves skin elasticity.

INGREDIENTS: Macadamia nut oil, avocado oil & green coffee oil

.3 FL OZ (10mL)