Introducing Kuleana to the World

Kuleana Beauty Oils & Cleansers

Kuleana® is a clean, simple skincare system featuring natural beauty oils and facial cleansers made with locally grown ingredients and handcrafted in Hawaii.

Kuleana Skincare

Our Responsibility

Kuleana is part of the sustainable, community-based agriculture & renewable energy model of Hawaii's pioneering renewable energy company.

Blends with Benefits

Kuleana is a clean, simple skincare system featuring moisturizing Hawaiian beauty oils and facial cleansers exclusively made with pure Hawaiian oils.

Beauty Oils


Our Story


"Love the absorption on my skin. It really helped with dry spots on my face and chest."

Karen F., Maui, Hawaii

"This is the best oil I've ever put on my face. It fixed problem areas that would not heal and I don't break out anymore. I put it on a few times per day all over my face. I've been using it for two moths and I want to tell everyone about it."

Adelle Lennox, Maui, Hawaii

"I was amazed at how 'youthful' my neck looks after using the mac nut oil on it. I love what it did for my hair...less frizz and more defined curls and it brought out my natural highlights."

Thelma A., Honolulu, HI

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